Kelsey is an excellent writer, and she provides feedback that helps me add more depth to my work. Her feedback was very helpful because she explained why some parts may or may not work and how I can improve it with some suggestions, instead of just tell me what to write. I understand about her edits, and the end product of my writing was definitely more polished because of the examples I added and changes in word choice and paragraph structure.

–current graduate student in school counseling

Kelsey has helped me find my voice both for this project and for myself as a writer. Having a wide-ranging knowledge of my previous writing and conversations, Kelsey can detect what sounds most like me and what might sound inauthentic. She has helped me determine the rhythms and styles that carry my personal cadence, creating pieces that are not only good on their own but hold weight as part of a collection and as part of my own body of work.


Kelsey’s perspective has always been clear and authentic. In every aspect of revision, I feel that she respected and understood my thoughts, ideas, and story that I wanted to write about. I felt GREAT about the end product of my writing after working with Kelsey. With her clear perspective, I was able to elaborate what I wanted to write about clearly.

–current graduate student, Howard University

Kelsey’s workshops tackled a few issues related to writing – 1) thinking about the ethical implications of the stories we tell (e.g. how we represent students’ stories and may inappropriately generalize or take credit for their experience), 2) brainstorming & the power of quick jots to get ideas flowing, 3) receiving feedback from a peer (we shared our pieces with another team member).

The writing workshop Kelsey facilitated felt calm, open, nonjudgmental. The brainstorming quickwrites helped me open up unusual lines of thinking that I may not have come to if I were just asked to write without prompting. I was able to mine my quickwrites for inspiration and insights to include.

–supervisor, education nonprofit

Kelsey spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand what I wanted my writing to convey. She asked thoughtful questions and listened with my goal in mind. I felt really confident and excited to submit my product after working with Kelsey! My final product very clearly conveyed the message I wanted for my readers; it was also well structured, grammatically correct, and easily fit within the prescribed word limit.

–current law student