In June and July 2014, I travelled to South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia on behalf of Partners International, a nonprofit organization based in Spokane, WA, which partners with indigenous ministries around the globe to spread the good news of the Gospel. I travelled alone, living with local families and missionaries, and interviewing businesswomen, pastors, church goers, and other locals about their lives and how they have been influenced by the programs Partners supports. Upon my return, I wrote their stories to share with others.

This trip was exceptionally rewarding and challenging to me as I witnessed the potency of the Gospel and the powerful stories of God’s agency and provision. As someone who loves to listen and tell the stories of others, I found it humbling to listen as people told me their stories, sometimes for the first time.

At the end of every interview, I assured my subjects I would share their stories with a larger audience. This is part of that promise. I share them with you in the hope that they will shatter stereotypes, help put a face to a story, invigorate faith, and act as a call to action. They have done all these things for me.

South Sudan:
John Lam, AIC Juba South Sudan
Rosemary Orub, AIC Juba South Sudan
Esther Igenye Joseph, AIC Juba South Sudan
Rakele Jacob, AIC Juba South Sudan
Ponia Hakim, AIC Juba South Sudan



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