Alki, 2012

Globules of orange light, like jack-o-lanterns,
      Moments gather in the recesses of my heart
sit smiling on the windowsills, hang
      black and white snapshots
on the buildings in the twilight
      of hands, smiling teeth, crinkled eyes –
Slowly they flicker on, leaving yawning holes
      outlining the contours, filling in the shadows,
in the TinkerToy skyline, till finally
      giving me shape.
the stretching panorama eases into
      Shining moments of
golden luster.
      perfect joy
Mere windows cannot keep
the beauty
      to hope.
It spills out on the dark canvas of the sound
      The immensity of memory
riddles it with light
casual streaks of auburn paint.
      consoles me
It advances on us, the safe cold buttress where we sit,
      and I surrender
shimmering in dance across the water,
      the puzzle-pieces
wrapping us in clinging warmth.
      no longer my own.
We sit in twilight and orange light and starlight
      You have captured my heart.


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