Blue Moon Burgers

Certainly we’ve all had that persuasive fast-food craving – late-night, grease-stained, artery-clogging. And while the memories may last forever, your metabolism certainly won’t.

If you’re in search of more conscience-soothing satisfaction, look no further than Blue Moon Burgers in Fremont. Open seven days a week until 9pm and located just across the bridge on 34th Street, Blue Moon boasts local favorites sourced from local ingredients.

Take their 1/3-pound burgers. Beef is grass-fed and all-natural, sourced from local Northwest farms. The chicken and salmon are all-natural as well, and the veggies burgers are made in-house, by hand.

And did we mention the buns? No Kaiser rolls here – the Fremont location features fresh-daily white, whole wheat, and ciabatta breads from local Grand Central and Larson’s bakeries. An elusive sweetness and porous texture provide a pleasant base for the intense flavors of a unique burger. Gluten-free buns are also available, sourced from Jensen’s Bakery, and a dedicated gluten-free fryer insures against cross-contamination.

But all-natural patties and local breads form only the foundation for a range of Blue Moon innovations. Take the Blue Hawaiian ($6.99) – a beef patty crowned with pepper jack cheese, pineapple and fresh veggies, doused with teriyaki and signature Blue Moon sauce, and piled precariously within the folds of a soft bun.

If that seems a little overwhelming, Blue Moon offers standard burgers as well ($5.79). Among their signature items, The Blue Bayou ($6.99) is the most tame – Cajun seasoning, blue cheese, veggies (lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle), and Blue Moon sauce spice up this burger.

Mouth watering yet? For meat and non-meat eaters alike, Blue Moon also offers an extensive build-your-own menu with a full range of patties (chicken, turkey, salmon, veggie, black bean), cheeses, sauces, and toppings. For a lighter meal, try a Chicken Club Salad or BLT ($5.99); the more adventurous might venture towards Garlic Parmesan Fries ($2.99), hand-cut fresh daily, or Jalapeno Bottlecaps ($3.49).

And the inventions don’t stop there. Features change monthly; the current main attraction is the “Oktoberfeast,” a freshly ground bratwurst patty with melted Swiss cheese and house-made apple slaw and mustard atop a – imagine this – pretzel bun ($8.49). But you needn’t splurge on this jaw-unhinging challenge to fill up; all Blue Moon burgers are large enough for a full, and flavorful, meal.

Hand-dipped milkshakes and malts ($3.99) are available in a variety of flavors; old-fashioned milkshake machines blend your concoction by hand. Nothing goes better with a burger than a float ($3.99), but all-natural juices, sodas, and teas are provided for the health-conscious.

While Blue Moon won’t break your college piggy bank, every Wednesday features half-price burgers with a choice of side. The ambiance is transient and energetic, with both in- and outdoor seating and a flat-screen TV on the back wall. A constantly-changing mosaic of current posters advertises upcoming Emerald City events, from Shakespeare to fun runs to concerts.

This evolution is what Blue Moon seems to do best. While the stand-by favorites remain, an ability to adapt has provided for gluten- and meat-free options, all locally sourced and produced. Imaginative burger creations keep even the regulars on their toes. And best of all, reasonable prices, a close location, and lively atmosphere insure these burgers are more than a once-in-a-blue-moon treat.

Published 10 October 2012 in The Falcon as “Blue Moon: this is a tasty burger”


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