Post-43A savorer of stories. Attentive to the politics of storytelling–whose story is told, by whom, when, and why–and the power of stories to affirm experience and instill empathy. Obsessed with the conjuring ability of words like petrichor, sonder, and chalkdown.

Attended Seattle Pacific University, earning a double bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science (minor in Economics), writing a honor’s thesisĀ on the synthesis of myth and personal story in EthiopianĀ narrative. Got married! Completed a 1-year master’s degree in African Studies at Stanford University, focusing in east African literature. Served as an Americorps member in a ninth grade English classroom in Sacramento, CA, introducing my students to books by people who looked like them and had experiences like theirs.

Now, a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz studying east African fiction and the Indian Ocean, ships, mobility, and oceanic networks. Asking how the literature we read shapes the world we see, live in, and believe to be possible. Committed to introducing more people to books by African authors, while reframing the ways we read them. A wife, cattledog owner, social justice advocate, person of faith.


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